If you know me or read my About page, you know that I am a Creationist and a Believer. This means I believe there is an Almighty God who was our beginning and will be our end whether we all believe it or not. The God I serve is the God of the Bible.

What I mean by “my testimony” is my account of how my God has influenced my life. As all of the possessive adjectives suggest, it is very personal to me and a story that shows myself and others how far I’ve come.

I was raised as a Christian. For me, that meant I went to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. It meant I owned a Bible until it fell to pieces and my parents bought me another. It meant my parents expected kindness, respect, obedience and hard work from me.

I prayed over my food before I ate. The Bible was one of my textbooks. The most common form of punishment I received was a spanking. I wasn’t allowed to watch movies, shows or episodes of shows that involved sorcery, witches, fortune-telling, evolution, Halloween, and certain forms of magic. Our movie library was predominantly Veggietales (back in the glory days of Big Idea Productions). We read Luke 2 before we opened our Christmas presents even if we went to church that morning.

I can vividly remember at the age of eight the day I prayed the prayer of salvation. Because church was all I knew, I never thought I needed to answer an altar call. I thought I was already “in” so I clapped for all the other kids as they stood at the front of the classroom. But my mom sat with me on the living room floor one day while my little sisters played in the background. She read Romans 10:9-8 to me and asked me if I had ever asked Jesus to come into my heart. I told her I hadn’t and she asked me if I’d like to. I said yes and bowed my little head and asked Jesus to save me.

Though this is not where the story ends, I am grateful for these early steps that led me to where I am now.


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